I believe that hand sewing clothing is an idea whose time has come (again). In spring 2019, as I prepared to teach my first class on the subject, I tried to write what I thought would be a pithy packet with a few diagrams and a bit of text. Seventy-six pages later, I realized I was making a little book.

I've been working steadily on additions and edits ever since, with the aim of eventually sharing this book more broadly. As of spring 2020, "Hand Sewing Clothing: A Guide" has now doubled in length, and I'm hoping it will be ready for printing this summer.

Shown here are images of the first draft, which I gave to the students in my first class. All illustrations are hand-drawn by me. The text includes step-by-step skill instructions, essays, results of some experiments I've done, and more. Each volume is hand-bound.